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At Oakley Grange Café we are licensed to sell alcoholic beverages with food from 10am until we close. We also sell a wide range of carefully chosen, more unusual beers, wines and spirits in our Delicatessen.


From The Wicked Hathern Brewery

The village has been known locally as Wicked Hathern since the 19th century when the Rev. Edward Thomas March Philips, Rector of Hathern for 51 years, fed up with the cock fighting and drunken brawls between the gravestones in the churchyard, referred to the village as "a wicked place and a cage for every unclean beast. I wonder what is to become of it?"

Farmer Mee’s Dark Side 4.8% ABV

A malty ruby ale, with chocolate and liquorice flavours and a bitter finish. The Mee family have farmed in Hathern for almost 100 years

Cockfighter 4.2% ABV

A pale bitter with a pronounced malt influence offset by a delicate hop taste. Cockfighting was one of the sports giving rise to the 'wicked' epithet. Hathern Turn, near the King’s Arms, was the scene of many challenge contests.

Hawthorn Gold 4.5% ABV

A light golden, easy drinking beer with a good balance of hops and malt. The name of Hathern derives from the Saxon word for the hawthorn hedges which surrounded the village in pre-Doomsday times.

Dovecote Porter 4.8% ABV

This rich, dark, traditional beer has a slightly fruity aroma. The substantial aftertaste boasts complex flavours including chocolate, coffee and liquorice.

Hathern Cross 3.7% ABV

Golden ale with an aroma of spicy hops. A balanced and bittersweet taste with a surprising lemon note from the hops, contrasting with malt sweetness. The name comes from the cross in the middle of the village

St George’s Gold 3.8% ABV

This beautiful golden ale has a perfect balance of malt and hops which produce delicious tasting quaffing ale, just what St. George would have wanted as he apparently passed through Hathern on his journey to slay the dragon.

BOTTLE 500ml  - £3.50


Luffbräu Lager 4.5% Brewed in honour of the family links Hathern Wicked Brewery have with Munich and Bavaria, Prost!!

Bottle 330ml - £2.75

 Bottle 500ml - £3.50

Wicked Hathern Brewery Cider 500ml - £3.50

Wicked Hathern Brewery Perry 500ml - £3.50

Fentiman Alcoholic Ginger Beer - £3.50

Luscombe Organic Devon Cider 330ml- £2.95

Kronenburg - £2.50

Daas Ambré, Belgium organic gluten free Beer 6.5% 330ml - £2.95

Daas Witte, Belgium organic wheat Beer 6.5% 330ml - £2.95


La Nature le Blanc - La Maison des Terroirs Vivant, France 11.5%. This dry wine has a fresh floral note with clean, well rounded fruit on the palate. BOTTLE £14.00 - GLASS 125 ml £4.00  - 175ml £4.50 250ml £5.50

Pinot Grigio 'Era' IGT - Cantine Volpi, Italy 12%.  A delicate citrus and floral wine, simple yet versatile. Great for parties or to have in for when friends come round. Available only by the Bottle £16.00

Giesen, Sauvignon Blanc - Marborough, New Zealand 12.5%. Fresh and herbaceous aromas and a lively palate full of citrus, gooseberry and tropical fruit flavours in this delicious Sauvignon Blanc. BOTTLE £20.00 - GLASS 125 ml £5.00 - 175ml £6.00 - 250ml £7.00

Chardonnay 'Ventura’ - Chili.This luscious chardonnay is full of ripe peach, pineapple and melon flavours with creamy notes on the finish.  Available only by the Bottle £17.00

Xarel.lo 'Nosodos' - Albet i Noya, Penedès, Spain. The Xarel.lo/ chardonnay grapes for this wine are grown high above sea level on a small terraced vineyard where conditions allow its superb purity of fruit to shine through. A fresh, dry white with a citrus nose and a juicy melon and lemony flavour coupled with a hint of minerality in the mouth. NO SULPHUR ADDED. Available only by the Bottle £20.00

Côtes du Rhône - Domaine Montmartel, France 13.5%. A blend of Syrah, Grenache and Carignan grapes, this wine has bright cherry fruit a lick of spice and lovely purity on the finish. BOTTLE £14.00 - GLASS 125 ml £4.00 - 175ml £4.50 - 250ml £5.50

Rioja Crianza 'Magister Bibendi' DO - Navarrsotillo Spain 14.0%. This Crianza offers sweet blackberry fruit coupled with the vanilla spice of a year in oak barrels. An award winner both from the Soil Association wine awards and the Millesime Bio (organic wine fair). BOTTLE £18.00 - GLASS 125 ml £4.50 - 175ml £5.50 - 250ml £6.50

Crozes-Hermitage - Maison Des Terroirs Vivant, France 12.5%. Rich in tradition and expertly crafted. Enjoy this natural wine with its delicate aromas with a taste that is ‘full of life’. Available only by the Bottle £22.00

Vacqueyras 'Garrigues' AC, Montirius, 14.5% France. Top quality Biodynamic Rhône red, a blend of Grenache and Syrah from 40 year old skilfully combining black fruit aromas and flavours, juicy tannins, and a characteristic Rhône spiciness. Available only by the Bottle £24.00

Valréas Côtes du Rhône Villages - Domaine Montmartel AC, 14%, France. Our growing range of NSA wines now includes this treat from Grande Bellane. It has everything you'd expect from a pure Rhône red - vivid fruit, tasty spice and real warmth. NO SULPHUR ADDED. Available only by the Bottle  £20.00

Prosecco, Frizzante, Italy 12.5%.A semi-sparkling extra dry prosecco. Stylish in both its presentation as it is in its elegant slight citrus flavours. Available only by the Bottle £19.00

Jose Ardinat Carte d’or Champagne Available only by the Bottle £33.00


Danish Jubilaerums Snaps - £2.50

Gammel Dansk - £2.50

Burleigh Gin & Tonic - £6.00

Rum & Coke - £4.00

Baileys, Akvavit - £2.50

Single Malt Whisky, brandy, Cointreau - £3.50

Glass of Sherry 50ml - £5.00