Butcher's - Welcome to The Oakley Grange Farm Shop

All our organic beef, lamb and pork has been born, bred and butchered onsite.

At Oakley Grange Farm we have been rearing organic cattle on our herbage rich organic pastures in the Soar Valley just below Hathern in Leicestershire since 2000.

The organic beef sold from our shop is from our organic herd of native Lincoln Red Cattle, which you will be able to see when grazing in the fields around Oakley Grange Farm.

You will see our sheep grazing the herbage rich pastures around the fields closer to the farm shop & deli

Exlana is a relatively new breed, bred for naturally shedding their wool.

The outdoor pigs are living happily in our old redundant chicken pen, the was not fox proof any longer, so the pigs moved in

Our chicken we source from Springfield Poultry, who supply us with organic chickens every two weeks

If you are looking for an item that shows out of stock, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us as we may have other alternatives or different sizes either fresh or in the freezer

Allergens - we use rusk (wheat) in our sausages and pastry on our meat pies, which are all processed in our butchery

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